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Interview Questions

Hello again!

So I was thinking about how to present all of this summer's projects on the website. I think a classic interview type deal would be best?

I was hoping I could get some input about this...what do you think about the following questions, for each of the students?

Question 1: How and why did you get involved with the Hubbard Brook REU program?

Question 2: What is your project, and who are you working with?

Question3: Why is your project important?

Any thoughts?

Also, I am in the process of creating questions to ask the research mentors and others professionally involved with the Hubbard Brook program. More on these soon!

(And now, a token photo.....Kiah Pond in Sandwich, NH)

Kian Pond in Sandwich, NH.

Kian Pond in Sandwich, NH.

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Happy Potluck Monday!

Yeah, so here at Pleasant View Farm (the REU student residence) we're all about the weekly traditions. Like Potluck Monday. Or Cleaning Tuesday. Communication Wednesday? Oh yeah, and Science Thursday.

You get the picture.

Granted, when you're living with 11 people, you kinda have to plan things out.

Anyway, today was Potluck Monday. The REU crew invited down the "Veg Crew" and "Bird Crew", the other Hubbard Brook research groups. Good times....

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Science Night: David Sleeper

Welcome to the first installment of "Science Thursday"!!

So what is Science Thursday?

Science Thursday is a weekly tradition here at Hubbard Brook. Every Thursday night, the Hubbard Brook community (mostly the REU students) gathers for discussions with top scientists and members of the Hubbard Brook community.

This week's guest was David Sleeper, Executive Director of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation.

Science Night: David Sleeper

From left to right: Geoff Wilson (Manager Pleasant View Farm), David Sleeper (HBRF Executive Director), Kadeem Gilbert (REU Student)

Topics discussed included the Science Links program at Hubbard Brook (more on this later), the disconnect between scientists and the greater public, and new research opportunities for Hubbard Brook scientists.

Anyone up for researching the potential for manufacturing of wood pellets in Coos County? How about their ecological implications?

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